Branding Design and Photography for Fay at Bright Sky Career Coaching


A while back, I got approached by Fay, who specialises in Career Coaching, Outplacement Support & Executive Coaching in her business Bright Sky Career Coaching. She needed to update her brand a bit (it was previously known as Bright Sky HR, with a bit more focus on the HR side rather than coaching), meaning both new branding design as well as updated photography.

After a discover call over the phone, a filled out questionnaire and a Pinterest board having been set up, I started off with the logo design and other branding elements (including colour palette, font suggestions and icons), as well as an updated business card design. As Fay really liked her existing brand colours, I just changed them slightly and gave them a bit more modern look & feel.


Once this was done, we met up for a Personal Branding session in London, where we spent the morning taking photos of Fay. She wanted her photos to have a professional yet friendly feel, some with office buildings in the background, as well as some greenery not to make it too corporate.


Fay also needed a second photo session, which would take place indoors in her working environment. A lot of the photos from this session focussed on the interaction between Fay and her clients.


Lastly, I worked on some social media banners and PowerPoint design, in which I included both the logo and a photo from one of our sessions.

It’s great to work on projects like these which includes both design and photography - and as these two things go hand in hand, it really helps having one person working on them both.

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