The branding design process


There are a few different steps to get to the final design of your brand. For every client, I try to use a similar process, and here is an overview of the different steps from start to finish:

1. Initial enquiry & consultation

The process starts with an enquiry from you via email or phone call. After I have been given the details about the project, I book in a consultation where I try to get to know you and your brand, and a few more details about what you want. I will also ask you questions about your values, your competitors, your USP, your ideal customer and more. This consultation could either be face to face (if you live locally to me) or via Skype. If you prefer, we could also do it all by email. Once we're both happy and have decided to go ahead, I will send you a contract and an invoice for a deposit.

2. Research

Next, we work on a joined Pinterest board to collect a number of mood images which you feel represents your brand. The images can be anything - logos, furniture, colour schemes, patterns, pretty pictures -  the idea is that it shows a feeling or mood of your brand. If you're not in to Pinterest, you can just send me images via email - whichever you prefer!

3. Design

This is where I start sketching! I will come up with three initial concepts for your logo, which you then can choose one from. Once you've chosen one to move forward with, I will develop it further and also create a colour palette, font suggestions, logo variations and the full brand board. If you want other things like social media covers and business collateral, this will be designed once the logo and branding board is finalised. 

4. Payment time!

Once you are happy and have received all files, I will send you the final invoice. And now it's finally time for you to start using your logo and branding designs!

The above steps are a brief outline of how I work and hopefully you'll find it useful!